"Lyrical Vows" from Tupelo Quarterly

"Kiss Cam" from The New Yorker

"GILLY'S BOWL & GRILLE" from The New Yorker

"Reader, I" and "Bad Intelligence" from Boston Review

"On the Theory of Descent" from The Adroit Journal

"Reader, I" from Gulf Coast

"Love Letter to Who Owns the Heavens" from NEA (originally in Ninth Letter)

"Desiderata" from Linebreak

"King of Hearts" from Indiana Review (audio)

"Love: An Origin" from The Awl



"[engagement]" from Blackbird


"Elegy" and "Valediction Lessons" from Linebreak


"Valediction Lessons: Flora" from Verse Daily 


"This World is Only Going to Break Your Heart" from Verse Daily 


"The Architecture of Fathers" from Devil's Lake